finishing up

Sunday, March 13, 2011

i am in a number of virtual quilting bees.
and for the most i really enjoy it.
each bee has different parameters
and guidelines.
they have all pushed the limits
of my creativity at some point.

but for some reason i wait
until the very last minute each month
to make my blocks.

take the above blocks.
they are for the 1st quarter of the 3x6 bee
for this bee, i have to make
6 identical blocks for 6 different people
following their designated color scheme.

if you participate in all 4 quarters
you will have 24 blocks to make  quilt.
good stuff.

here is the kicker.
i have 3 months to make
these blocks.
and i wait until the
day before they have to be mailed.

silly me.
at least they are not late!

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