tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

** it is starting to feel a little like spring.

** the daffodils are starting to poke through the ground.

** my new craft room is almost put together.

** dont worry, i will share it with you.

** i started my third book on my kindle.

** i am loving making the time to read.

** i am heartsick about all the devastation is japan.

** i spent three months there in college.

** my attempt to sew pant for chace did not go well.

** maybe i will try again.

** or maybe i wont.

** i am going to try to make myself a skirt.

** ph's boss and wife just came home from hawaii.

** they brought us chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

** very very dangerous.

** my mom is now equally obsessed with pinterest.

** she made fun of my obsession with it at xmas.

** hoping my nephew will make his entrance into the world this week.

** hope you are all well....

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