tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

** chace woke up 6 times last night!

** it was brutal.

** i think he is getting a cold.

** ph is back at work this week.

** i am trying to get back into my routine.

** it is forcasted to snow the rest of this week.

** boo!

** i think finn might be arriving today.

** i have 3 quilts that need binding.

** one of those is finn's.

** i am not a fan of making and attaching binding.

**according to my brother, today is national water day.

** not sure what that means exactly.

** my craft room is finished.

** waiting for the sun to shine, so i can take pictures and share with you.

** chace only wants to eat fruit.

** his new favorites are green grapes and cherries.

** we are having soft tacos for dinner tonight.

** and i might make brownies this afternoon.

** we saw lincoln lawyer over the weekend.

** go see it.

** i cant decide if i should sew or nap.

** maybe i will do both.


  1. nap. always pick nap when you have been up 6 times in the night.

  2. Is Chace sleeping better now? How's he feeling?