trust the process

Monday, June 8, 2009

during my years at the yarn shop, i was always telling customers to "trust the process" when it came to their knitting. needless to say, i am not very good at taking my own advice, but i have been repeating that mantra to my myself since saturday.

saturday was my sewing class and i found to myself face to face with the fact that i am a perfectionist. now, this is not new news to me, but i had forgotten that fun little fact about myself. class was ok. i learned some basics, but i am the type of learner who needs to know why and to really understand the process. and the instructor was not that type of learner or teacher. i did attempt to complete a project in class, which i wanted to throw out, but my precious husband felt the need to hang on to it for posterity sake. after class i spent some time decompressing and reading sewing patterns, this is how i taught myself to knit, so i figured it would work the same with sewing. and yesterday i attempted another tote bag. it is far from perfect, but is a vast improvement from the first attempt. i think it will be perfect for holding a knitting project.

in the meantime, i am going to keep reading sewing patterns and books, look at fabric and remind myself to trust the process. and maybe, just maybe i will catch on to the the sewing thing.


  1. Luc I'm so proud of you for sticking with it--you're totally meant to be a sewer too, so hang in there! I can help you decode the patterns when we get back and answer any questions you still have that the teacher didn't answer during your class. Once you catch on to the basics, it will all start coming together! xo

  2. Like you said last, I cna't wait to compare notes from our sewing classes. I'm very hopeful that mine won't have me leaving going, "WHAT???"

  3. That looks like a great bag to me. I can tell you feel differently about it though. I can remember my first knitting project, the holes, the uneven edges, etc., but now I'm referred to as "the knitting mama" of our group. Just stick with it; I'm sure it'll get better with practice.

  4. Even if you aren't proud of the bag, you sure picked great fabric!

    Stick with it - remember how knitting was when you first started and how much easier (and better looking) it is now? And think of how quickly you'll be able to make garments...

  5. That bag is pretty cute! Love the fabric too. It's a journey, so keep with it and you'll be pleased. Excited you might have a new craft passion! Love, Alicia

  6. I copied down your quote "trust the process", a reminder from one perfectionist to another, I guess. I get hung up in expecting to be as accomplished right away as the teacher....who may have been at it for a zillion years! Makes learning harder. Go at it your own way, & I know you'll succeed.