friday knitting

Friday, June 26, 2009

dear knitting needles,

i want you to know that you are still my favorite, that there is nothing better than sitting on the couch with you in my hands, making something. i know you are probably feeling a little neglected and replaced because i am spending so much time with the sewing machine, looking at fabric and sewing patterns.

but dont worry, i have a big order of spud and chloe coming any day and have some big design ideas for that yarn, so you and i will be creating together very soon.

no sewing machine, or amount of fabric could ever replace you, dear knitting needles.



  1. ha, thats so true luc. i to enyoy and have done some sewing but nothing like the passion of knitting! Where did u order spud from? did you see there picture from the show? they were incredible, what marketing. i also see Spirit works is suppose to carry, havent called to find out yet. want some, BAD.

  2. Ummm....maybe knitting needles look better than a humming sewing machine when you have a bad cold?? Not inferring anything, you understand.
    Take good care of you.

  3. Cute Lucinda. Can't wait to see those designs with the new blue sky yarn. Love, Alicia