head over heals

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i am head over heals in love with this fabric, so smitten that i enrolled myself in a sewing class on saturday. i thought it might be good a good way to occupy my mind for the next few weeks, while we await the results of the clomid. focus on sewing, rather than peeing on sticks. and besides with fabrics like these, its easy to get distracted. although i think my precious husband is afraid i will start collecting fabric the way i collect yarn which could be problematic. stay tuned for updates on my new adventure in sewing.......

for more fabulous fabric, go here.


  1. I love your fabrics and know you'll have fun learning to sew. Nonnie and my Mama (and RoRo)
    taught me - well, tried to teach me. I always
    wanted to cook more than sew,and never was very good, but I still try
    to sew some things, mostly finishing my stitchery.
    I really appreciate fabric arts and love looking at what other people make. I did love making so many little birds though. Have fun and stay busy!


  2. Bad influence!! Here I am, trying to narrow my focus, get some things done, and you bring these knock out fabrics and put them right under my nose. I have made quilts in the past.....I may feel a relapse coming on.

  3. I am not suprised...but I ordered the one with the birds to make aprons...We are always on the same wave length...Nonnie always said if you have to rip out...give each stitch up to a prayer and you will be a better person after you have finished...XOXO Mom

  4. Love the fabric - it's (almost) enough to make me want to sew something. I can sew and follow a pattern pretty well, but the overall process tends to make me grumpy!

  5. I just enrolled in a sewing class last week. I start next week and am very excited. I've come to the conclusion that I will never move to the next level in knitting and sewing seems more within my reach.

    I love the unicorn fabric - it reminds me of my favorite cartoon when I was a kid "The Last Unicorn".

  6. Soooo bizarre! My sister-in-law just showed me these same fabrics yesterday. And I love them, too! I'm excited to see what you make with them. Keep us posted on the progress, yes?

  7. Luc, you know I've been waiting for this moment for years, right?! Now we'll finally share the exact same crafty addictions--I can't wait for you to buy you're first sewing machine. When you're ready, let me know--I know just where you should get it! xo