my little sparrow

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

yesterday afternoon while i was taking some pictures outside of fabric, knitting and flowers, a little sparrow flew in the open back door into the house. i walked into the study to put my camera away and turned around to see him sitting on the stairs going into the kitchen. it startled me so, and i blurted out "cooper what are you doing in here?"

the next few moments were quite comical, me trying to coax my little birdie to go back outside, without the dogs catching wind that there was a bird in the house. he eventually flew out the door off the dining room. i guess he wanted to stop in and say hello.

i love those moments when i know without a doubt that cooper is never far from his mama.


  1. It's a wonderful feeling and unless you 've been there, hard to understand............But he's around with so many others too...........

  2. Cooper will always be with you. What a lovely example of that truth!
    It sounds like you are hooked on quilting! Go with it in joy.

  3. aww, that's great Luc!! Luke and I have been in the garden so much these days. I look at birds in such a different way, I to have spoken and referred to them as "Cooper" just because :)