Saturday, June 13, 2009

when i was little, i spent hours at the barn with my horses. it was during those hot west texas afternoons that i learned how to burp. you see i didnt know how to burb loudly, and hillary, one of the older girls was always burping loudly and i wanted to do whatever she did. so, one day after my riding lesson and a cold dr pepper, i finally burped very loudly.

cooper did not take after me. he was a natural born burper. i was constantly amazed that such a loud sound could come from such a small baby. and as with most babies, spit up accompanied those loud burps. it was the cloth diapers that my mother in law had embroidered that worked the best. they were the perfect burp cloth; big, absorbant, soft, old fashioned gerber cloth diapers. one could last the entire day and they served double duty as a changing pad while we were out of the house.

today, i made my own version. it was great practice for sewing in a straight line. and i think they are just the cutest thing, with all the amazing fabric available the possibilities are endless. they are also a great way to use up scraps in your fabric stash. i have a feeling they are going to be my new favorite shower gift.

burp away little babies, burp away.......


  1. Those are so cute and I have about 70bagillion showers and baby events coming up! Maybe I should break out the sewing machine and overcome my irrational fears....

    Completely unrelated to burping, I'm going to be in Rochester at the end of July. Any chance of meeting up for coffee and knitting perhaps?

    xo, Hannah

  2. Luc, these are adorable. Happy to see the sewing thing is picking up steam for you.

  3. luc what a great idea for scraps! glad to see you're keeping at it--the sewing, that is. :-)

  4. Adorable! My boys were (and still are) both extreme burpers. When they were tiny, this was always accompanied by spit up. We loved the cloth diapers for burp cloths - yours are fantastic with those great fabrics. Looks like you and the sewing machine are getting along just fine!

  5. VERY CUTE!!! Love the personal touch.