Tuesday, June 23, 2009

as you know, on the 6 month anniversary of coopers death i delivered the first mini flock of birds to the hospital. you may also recall that it was much more difficult than i imagined.

last friday i received this email from jen, the cardiac social worker, who is helping make coopers flock a reality.


I wanted to drop an email to let you know the tremendous smiles your birds have brought to families here at the hospital. It has been so wonderful to have something tangible to give to families that is bright and non-hospital (for lack of a better word!). Families have been touched and seem happy to have something to hold on to while waiting. I've had no actual questions yet about the birds from the families but will keep you posted. I just wanted you to know that the birds are touching lives of families here! Thinking of you--
this news from jen just made my heart soar!


  1. Such a heartwarming email, and what a wonderful gift of love, comfort and hope for these families. :)

  2. Doesn't it lift your heart? And to think, you are the one who brought this idea to life! To have something bright and non-hospitalish in such a trying time.

  3. That's wonderful - thanks for sharing with all of us.