friday knitting

Friday, June 5, 2009

what happens when cotton yarn, printed fabric, colorful embroidery thread and summer meals outside come together? aglaia's placemat is created.

my family has a house on a small island about an hour ferry ride from athens. and from the months of may to october this wonderful island in the mediterranean is where you will find my parents. my precious husband and i are fortunate to go over every summer for two weeks and we look forward to that trip all year (more on that as our trip approaches). aglaia also lives on the island of kea. aglaia is part cookbook author, part chef, part writer, part restaurant consultant, my mom's best friend and the most wonderful person i have ever met. she and her husband run a cooking school ,unlike any other, during the summer months. we spend many a summer days gathered around her table under the grape vines eating her fabulous food. seriously, it is as romantic as it sounds. and because it is the greek way to always bring a gift when you arrive at someones' house, i am always knitting for her.

enter aglaia's placemats. i had this idea for a placemat that was knit, but then had fabric holders for silverware and was backed with the same fabric. you may remember the design concept was on my list of knitting projects not to long ago. i knew they would be a fabulous addition to aglaia's table. i think they turned out just perfect and were pretty easy to make. now, i need to make some for our backyard summer eating.

i am working on making the pattern available. so stay tuned for the launch of the lucends etsy shop.

please enjoy....


  1. these are great! One day I'm sneaking in your suitcase and going to Kea with you. Love, Alicia

  2. Lucinda! These are the coolest!!! People are going to go nuts for them! A fabulous idea. When do you leave for Greece?

  3. when can I put in an order and when are you going back into some kind of business? We can get those on 'O'& BOOM, BOOM POW!

  4. Lucinda, I have been catching up on your blog tonite....finally. Sorry I have been away for so long. Your posting of Greece and Aglaias' has made me want to go back to Kea, badly. Aglaia is a great cook, has a beautiful place and a joy to be around. She will love her placemats.

    Sunny, Virginia, Jennifer and I are going to see Aglaia at Central Market when she is in Austin this summer. Should be a fun class.


    P.S. Jackson just walked in while I was reading your blog and asked when you were going to knit his hat. Funny...It is almost 100 degrees here and he wants a beanie.