pillow talk

Saturday, June 20, 2009

it was time for a change. so, during a recent fabric buying frenzy, i selected 3 fabric to make pillow cases for the pillows in our tv room. i searched for a pattern, but couldn't find any that i liked ( they all required hand stitching which had NO appeal to me). i could see the pillow case in my head; sewn on all 4 sides, with an opening in the back to stuff the pillow in, and the fabric would over lap once stuffed. since i am very visual, yesterday i got out blank paper, tape and scissors and set about making what was in my mind( see image below). and today our pillows got a modern makeover.

i am pretty happy with how they turned out, especially since it was my first attempt at creating something that was in my head. the first one was perfect, the second two were a little smaller, not sure how that happened, so there is a small gap in the back. but in an attempt to be less of a perfectionist, i am trying to embrace that small imperfection. they are after all pillows, and i can always make more.


  1. darling, you have such a talent with a spool of thread. i love seeing your crafts! thanks for sharing.

  2. Your pillows are great. I wonder if you go to a specialty shop to find such stunning fabrics? Or is it so long since I last went fabric shopping?
    Good work on your inner perfectionist, too. I can relate!

  3. You don't need sewing lessons! You did a fabulous job on your pillows, especially with no pattern. Two things you can do in the future to avoid hand sewing, but close the gap are: 1)use a zipper - but that's a whole nother ballgame; 2)make self fabric ties and sew them on the opening evenly spaced, adjusting placement to accommodate the overlap. I have a pillow on my bed right now that I purchased and that is what was done on it. It looks fine and keeps the pillow form in and the shape of the pillow. Keep up the good work! :-)

  4. Hey there....I have been checking in on your blog here and there since finding it, and am totally impressed by your up-and-coming sewing skills! Wow.
    - christine