Sunday, March 8, 2009

this is one of the many reasons i love my precious husband!


  1. Lucinda,
    I just posted about your project. I hope it helps! Good luck and keep me posted.
    susan b anderson

  2. Lucinda, just found you through Susan's blog. Bless your heart!I only know your grief through the loss of child we were supposed to adopt and through the loss of my nephew to SIDS, but know that many of us, although we can't take your pain away, we care. I'll be glad to contribute to Cooper's flock - love Blue Skys Alpaca and have some in my stash. I'd also be glad to ball all the yarn for you if you want to send it to me. You can contact me at davidchanda2 at yahoo dot com if you want to discuss this. I am trustworthy - have been buying Susan's patterns for years - I'm chandaworld on Ravelry. I'd love to help if you'll let me. I'm praying for peace for you this morning. Chanda Watkins

  3. Who needs a ball-winder with a hubby like that?

  4. Lucinda,
    I sent you an email asking for the pattern..hope your day went well...I saw lots of beautiful birds today, thought of Cooper all day.

  5. Hello, Lucinda.
    I know you from two visits to the yarn shop, Wild Wools.
    I did not know about your child's birth and death, but cried to read your entries about Cooper. Thank you for sharing him ith your readers and thanks for the opportunity to help with the birds for Strong.
    I will e-mail you for the pattern and share it with the knitting group I host.
    Susan Schantz

  6. Your hubby is so sweet!

    Just over from Susan Anderson's....and I am signing up to knit for you!!