a bird kind of day

Thursday, March 5, 2009

there are days that it seems like cooper was never in our house. i am surrounded by his things and pictures, so i know that it wasnt a dream. but his time with us was so short, a blink, a blip and then he was gone.

then there are days, like yesterday, that i know without a doubt that was he here and that he is still very much with us. yesterday he was flying all around me....

my friend alicia came over to knit birds and she brought me this painting.

and then this box of wonderfulness came via ups from the fabulous people at blue sky alpacas. this yarn will soon become the next members of coopers flock.

my precious husband and i decided to clean and rearrange our office space. i was looking through a bag and found these from my youngest brother's wedding almost two years ago. how fortuitous that we had a bird and a heart.

and finally, i was looking at coopers clothes, in particualr the {jig.} "days of the week onesies"
thursday had a bird on it. this is significant because cooper was born on a thursday, thanksgiving, and died on a thursday.

it is days like yesterday that help me get through days like today. days where i miss cooper more than i can even in express, days that my heart hurts so bad that it takes my breath away, days where the tears are a never ending river and days where i want to crawl in a hole and NEVER come out. but knowing that my birdy is always with me, is what enables me to put one foot in front of the other tomorrow.

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