friday knitting

Friday, March 6, 2009

when i was pregnant with cooper, i started having contractions at 25 weeks. there was never any real risk of me going into pre-term labor, but my doctor wanted me to limit my activity and stop working. so, what did i do? i knit like a mad woman, i am talking serious knitting projects. i knit for cooper, i knit for my precious husband and i knit for myself.

i have decided that fridays are going to be knitting days here at lucends. now that doesnt mean that i wont talk about knitting on others days of the week, but i will ALWAYS talk about knitting on fridays. since i closed wild wools, my beloved yarn shop, i have not had a place to show off what is on my needles. but alas, i now have lucends and you, dear readers.

i recently photographed all the pieces i knit for my cooper. so i am going to start by showing you my favorite thing that i knit for him.

please enjoy...

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  1. *love* this! what a fabulous pattern!