cooper candle

Saturday, March 28, 2009

a box arrived on my doorstep yesterday afternoon which contained 100 candle holders and candles made in celebration of my cooper by a dear dear family friend, priscilla hoback. i knew that she too was embarking on a creative journey in honor of my cooper, but i had no idea of the depths of this journey.

each piece of art was individually wrapped and when i opened the first one i wept. i can not even begin to tell you how this gesture of love touched the very core of my being.

each candle is numbered, there will only be 100 cooper candles, ever, and inside each handle was a piece of paper which contained these words:

"in celebration of cooper austin snyder gerenski. flower petals surround the flame, handle connects hand to heart, interior heart line of cooper hawk, black white and spotted red feathers, carved path on 4 sides."

so, what am i going to do with these candles you may wonder? they are available for a minimum of a $25 donation, which will then be given to the ronald mcdonald house within the hospital in coopers name. i plan on having them at coopers service, but if you dear reader want one, please email me.

i can think of no better way to honor my cooper than to find a way to continue to help others in need with money raised from this amazing artwork. and dear readers these candles are more than art, they are the heart and soul of an amazing woman who is trying to help mend the heart of grieving parents, by honoring their most precious son.


  1. The most awesomely beautiful thing to come out of times of heartbreaking sadness is the love poured out by others. In a world that can seem so dark, what can be more symbolic than candle holders!
    I'll be emailing you to buy one, also my first bird is almost finished.

  2. I would love absolutely beautiful!! I will email you for info. Love Ya

  3. those are fantastic! what a sweet friend...and such a lovely idea. have a great day my friend.

  4. I would love one. I will pay you this Saturday when I see you.

    I have three birds complete. Sewn, of course.


  5. Thank you for pictures of cooper's candle holders! I just finished my first bird for cooper's flock.
    Birds (live) do connect us with those we love who are no longer with us in body. Cooper will never leave you. 49 years on, our dear little one still is real and vital, and we love her as we do our living children.
    You are a courageous woman, Luc......we support you!

  6. how wonderful luc. you have so many loving friends in your life :)

  7. Of course I want one!