tuesday tidbits

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

** yes, you read that right

** tuesday tidbits on wednesday.

** i just didn't have the energy last night to blog.

** so here i am.

** this week i have been a one woman sweat shop at my machine,

** ok, lets be honest, i am always a one woman sweat shop.

** i have made some design tweaks and am excited to see how they are received this weekend.

** i am working on some exciting lucends stuff that i can not wait to share with you.

** it is a ways off.

** but i firmly believe that you have to have a dream and reach for the stars.

** saturday is my birthday.

** i will be one year closer to 40.

** some days i feel like i am older than 40.

** and yes i know age is relative.

** we raised over ten thousand dollars last week at the auction.

** ph is making pizza tonight.

** i am still working on my hunger games blog post.

** i am ready for some warm weather.

** and am fully aware that i will complain about the heat when we are in texas.

** just being honest.

** happy tuesday on a wednesday!

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