dear chace

Saturday, April 14, 2012

my dear sweet chace,

first, i must apologize for not writing you last month on your 25th month of life. i dont what happened to my brain, perhaps i was in mommy fog from chasing you around.  so, happy 25th and 26th months!

the last week you have been home from school, thanks to spring break. and well, your mother is tired. you are in a constant state of motion. i am not sure which moves at a faster rate, your feet, your hands or your mouth. sometimes, they are all moving at once. all this movement keeps me on my toes, keeps me in constant state of wonder and in fits of laughter.  your mind is a sponge where you absorb, catalog and then spit out what you you have absorbed in some statement.

some of my favorites:

**while sitting in the drive through of starbucks : "look mommy there is a hot rod." what? "a hot rod mommy." i follow your finger and see a white stingray in the parking lot.

** after examining your  big boy underwear you point to the monster and say "mommy, look at that funny creature."

** sitting at the table during spring break you announce "mommy i need a lesson"

** over breakfast one morning you declare "triesch is my best friend"

** and my all time favorites " i need to do it!", "hug me mommy" and " i love you, so much."

while most days you are funny, sweet and loving, we have one constant battle your  need to throw food and drink on the floor. the thing that kills me is that you know you are not supposed to do it. you will even announce that you will go to a time out if you throw your food, yet you do it anyway. we have tried many different approaches and tactics to break this frustrating habit. none of them work. i wish i could get inside your brain and know the why behind your action. if i have to clean yogurt off the floor and wall one more time, i am going to come unglued. please, please, please stop throwing your food.

the last two months you have grown an immense amount. you can now jump. this brings you enormous pleasure and much laughter. you like to jump off the couch, onto the couch, off the coffee table and like a rabbit around and around and around. your verbal skills have advanced. we can now have a conversation which is so much fun. i dont feel like a crazy person talking to myself all the time, since you can now reply to what i am telling you.

you love books. we must read 20-30 books a day. some many many many times. i will finish a book and you will look at me and say "again". so again i read. you are moving to books that are longer and have lots of words. i think we will be reading harry potter and the chronicles of narnia very soon. i can not wait!

while most days i am exhausted by the end of the day, i would not trade the hours spent with you for anything. it is best thing on this earth.  you bring such joy to my life.

i love you so much.



  1. He sounds like SUCH a joy! You are both so very lucky. BTW...could you feed him outside? Or is it just too cold? At least you wouldn't have to do any cleanup, and he might get past this phase (yes, it's only that) even sooner...but it WILL be over soon, I know. :)
    Love ya,

  2. I think HE should have to clean the food off the floor and wall, maybe then he would think twice about doing it! :)