tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

**i went to the eye doctor today.

** i need to start wearing reader glasses.

** and my eyes have gotten worse.

** this means i need new contacts and lenses in my glasses.

** hello $$$.

** the fundraising auction for chace's school is thursday.

** did i mention that i am going to be the auctioneer?

** should be interesting.

** i learned today that my youngest brother testified before congress today.

** and has a huge presentation  to the EPA tomorrow.

** all in an effort to save bristol bay.

** pretty proud of him!

** if i get to yoga this week it will be a miracle.

** i am looking forward to getting back on schedule next week.

** the Mayday Underground Craft show is next wekeend.

** i still have alot of sewing ahead of me.

** now. it is time to watch the voice.

** happy tuesday!

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