texas voice

Monday, April 30, 2012

i left my home state of texas
17 years ago at the age of 22.
i have lived in new york state
for 14 years.

my childhood bff
reminded me last night
that i have not had a texas accent
for the last 20 years.

so it is completely beyond me
how my 2 year old son
has a slow southern drawl.

i mean the child has not even
been to the great state of texas.
but he has it down perfect.

it sounds something like this.
"i want to get doooowwwnnnn."
" but mommy whiiiiiii?"
" look at the flooooowwerrr"
or my favorite
"mommy gooiiinnnnn to yooooggaaaa"

ph and i just look at each
other and shrug our shoulders.
i guess that texas twang is just
as much genetics as it is location.

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