terrible tantrums

Monday, April 23, 2012

we are fully immersed
in experiencing the full
spectrum of being a
two year old, here on newberry ln.

some days i am very
patient and tolerant.
other days it takes
every ounce of strength to
not lose my shit.

chace has been home
and sick since thursday.
the weather has been horrible
creating the caged animal feeling
that is growing in the house.

these two facts i am sure
are contributing to the body flailing,
food throwing, hitting, pushing
and generally disgruntled child
that i call my son.

timeout does not work.
raising my voice does not work.
reasoning does not work.
and even though i can throw a mean look,
my child is immune to them.

so i am a loss.
i keep telling myself
that this too shall pass.
it is a only a phase.
but i have moments
when i want to put myself
in a very long timeout.

so if you need me
and can not find me,
i am in time out.


  1. Hang in there love. It gets better. Promise. (ps:LOVE that photo).

  2. the apple does not fall far from the tree....xoxo you so much....

  3. "other days it takes
    every ounce of strength to
    not lose my shit."

    so true! (hang in there.)