Friday, April 20, 2012

today was the day after the auction.
it was a great night.
a successful end to months of planning.
and we raised over 10 thousand dollars
for the school.

today i kept chace home from school
he started running a fever yesterday
there is a virus going around
where the only symptom is high fever.

today we laid in bed and
watched curious george on pbs.

today we sat on the floor
and read lots of books.

today we took long naps.

today i didn't think about all
the work i have to do before
next weekend.

today i didn't have activities planned
to keep chace busy.

today i just focused on my son.
focused on being a mother.

and today may have been my best
day of motherhood because there
was absolutely nothing on my mind
except for my sweet chace.


  1. I can't think of anything better to focus on.....xoxox

  2. I think we were doing some of the exact same things last week: simultaneously feeling sorry for our sick little boys, but part of us loving the snuggle time and complete surrender to being with them. I got treated to a full on cuddle nap last week and that was just what we both needed. BUT, I'm so glad both our boys are now well.