familiar routine

Monday, March 12, 2012

as you know, ph is home
during the winter months.
december to march
to be exact.

it is nice
to have an extra set
of hands during
the day.

it is nice
for ph to spend
some quality time
with chace.

this much togetherness
does not lend itself
to some of our better
married moments.

it is always a rough
transition which
is accompanied by the holidays
and all that entails.

we usually settle into
a routine, by the end of february.
just in time for work to start back up again.

ph worked a little last week,
but since we have such nice weather
he is back at work full time this week.

chace and i are back to being a team.
he seems to behave better when he is
with one parent at a time, not both if us.

so the days will run a little smoother.
i will become more structured.
and we will fall into a familiar pattern.

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