tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

** we are a medical mess in this house.

** i took chace to the dr today after a week of various forms of illness.

** the prognosis, nothing a little augmentin can not fix.

** i am feeling better, but my belly button is still sore.

** i miss yoga like crazy.

** i have a follow up appt. with the surgeon next week.

** i am hoping she will clear me for yoga.

** fingers crossed.

** a two plus year project is coming to a close.

** will share when it is complete.

** i will be a vendor at the Mayday Underground Craft show.

** it is april 28th at the village gate.

** this also happens to be my birthday.

** diet coke still doesn't taste good.

** but i am drinking one in the morning for the caffeine.

** flavored bubble water the rest of the day.

** those who know me, know that is an amazing feat.

** chace loves to say "hug me".

** he has become very clingy lately.

** i don't know if it is the age or the fact that i was in hospital for 3 days or both.

** winter has returned this week.

** we had a freeze last night and it turned  all the magnolia leaves brown.

** this  makes me sad.

** happy tuesday!


  1. Lucinda,

    I know you've had A LOT going on, but I wanted to send a friendly reminder that I'd still love to make some birds. Whenever you have a spare moment, can you please send me the pattern?

    Take care of that belly button!


  2. Happy Belated Birthday Luc!

    Ann H.