tuesday tidbit

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

** yoga was awesome tonight.

** the message was simplicity.

** needed to hear that today.

** sometimes, ok alot of times, i make it more complicated than it needs to be.

** i attribute this to my ability to over think things.

** i was not accepted into the art on the green in north carolina.

** i was accepted into Renegade Craft Fair in Austin.

** i am very excited!

** i am getting a cold.

** boo!

** ph is making panini as i type.

** i am working on some custom quilts for a friend.

** the basis of the quilt is her daughters baby clothes.

** i am super excited and can not wait to make one for chace.

** we are watching the voice tonight.

** we watched hockey last night.

** i finished the quilt for the fundraising auction at chace's school.

** tomorrow it is supposed to be 60.

** yay!!

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  1. Yes! Austin. This time you need to sell your awesome yoga bags to some studios around town.....