tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

** chace has become very picky about what he wears.

** we had an epic battle getting dressed this morning.

** it is spring here all week.

** yay for spring.

** the story about the solider who killed the afghan civilians makes me so sad.

** i think that i am getting me creative streak back.

** i feel inspired.

** we have a parent teacher conference on friday.

** this means that there is no school thursday and friday.

** march madness is here!

** do you fill out brackets?

** the only time i watch college basketball is during march madness.

** i played basketball in junior high school.

** i was not very good.

** my bff ashley was very good.

** i need a tan.

** chace is going to be in a wedding in november.

** the bride was in my wedding, and i was in her mother's wedding.

** keeping up tradition.

** i have to buy printer ink on my way to yoga.

** i dont like buying printer ink.

** what's new with you?

** happy tuesday.

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