Tuesday, November 29, 2011

** i am glad to be home.

** renegade craft fair was awesome.

** i will post more tomorrow.

** chace is giving me the cold shoulder.

** he is all about dada.

** i made cookies today.

** one slid off the sheet and burned in the oven.

** our house smells like burned cookie.

** yoga tonight.

** my body needs it.

** i will be updating the shop tonight and tomorrow.

** just in time for holiday shopping.

** i am ready for cold weather.

** i forgot how cool austin is.

** shiner bock has a holiday beer out.

** it was so tasty.

** i think it is called "cheer" or maybe "merry"

** i caught up with lots of cousins while in austin.

** it made me wish i didn't live so far away.

** i need a new pair of cowboy boots.

** happy tuesday.

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