Thursday, November 10, 2011

i know this about myself:

i am driven.
i am my own worst enemy.
i am perfectionistic.
i am a classic type a personality.

at times, i put too much on my plate.
i push myself to the limit.
i am hard on myself.
and i put an immense amount of pressure on myself.

this combination on characteristics
can work to my advantage.
or it can wreak havoc at the worst possible times.

lately, it has been the later.
i have been sick for two weeks
with no sign of wellness in sight.

i do not have time to be sick.
i have a lot os sewing to do.
there are a little over two weeks
until the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Show in Austin.

during my 75 minutes
of me time last might.
it became clear
that i have control over some of this.

i can take the pressure off.
i can be kind and compassionate to myself.
i trust that things are and will be as they should be.
i can say no.
i can ask for help.
and by doing this, maybe just maybe i can kick this cold in the ass.


  1. RIGHT on all nice to you...It does work....xoxo

  2. Saying NO and asking for help are among the most helpful things you can even learn to do in order to take care of yourself. And if you don't do it, who can? We were MUCH older than you before we learned this crucial lesson. Kudos to you that you're learning it relatively early. Hope you feel better SOON! Love ya.....Kay