tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

** chace only wants to eat cereal.

** cereal breakfast, lunch and dinner.

** i am headed to yoga in a bit.

** today is my mama's birthday.

** we booked our tickets to go home for xmas.

** we will be gone for a month.

** i am a bundle of emotions.

** excited, sad, nervous, grateful, hurting, happy, anxious, and joyful.

** you name it, i am feeling it.

** i am in the home stretch with products.

** currently, i have 139 items that are heading to austin for the show.

** i can not  believe i leave friday am.

** i am excited to hang out with my brother for the weekend.

** i have a growing list of holiday orders for when i return home.

** i i have never been away from chace for more than 1 night.

** ok, i have only been away from him once.

** it does not feel like the holidays outside.

** i am ready for snow.

** i can not believe i said that out loud.

** happy tuesday.

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