he is not saying what you think he is saying

Sunday, November 6, 2011

chace has a new favorite word.
fox is the word of choice lately.
and it doesn't really sound like fox.
it sounds much more like,

last week during pickup at school
chace's teacher told me
that they had a potential parent
observing the classroom the day before.

chace kept talking about the fox.
over and over and over.
the mother started visibly laughing.
his teacher went over an explained
that he was saying fox, not the 4 letter word
she was certain he was saying.
she further explained that she knew
this because she had a discussion
with chace's mom about the word.

i am waiting for him
chace to start saying fox
at the top of his voice a
while we move through wegmans.

good times!

i think i will not tell him
this story for fear of him using it
against me when he is a teenager.
" mom, i was saying fox not f@*k".

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