renegade in texas

Thursday, December 1, 2011

renegade craft fair in austin
was  awesome.
it was handmade texas style.

the vendors were amazing.
the venue was perfect.
the customers were charming.
there was beer and wine served.
my neighbors were so much fun.
the production staff was out of this world.

look at the company
i was in....

becka spellman makes the coolest kids clothes.
i picked up a shirt for chace.

aviva kleiner has the most beautiful felt and beaded hair pieces.
it made me wish my hair was long.

lisa chow creates whimsical drawings by hand.
luke and i came brought home three.

jamie kelsch creates jewelry that is hip, simple and elegant.
there were several pieces i want.


leah duncan creates fabric to drool over.
she has a line of fabric coming out in february with anthology fabrics.

this was just the tip of the iceburg.
these ladies were in booths next to me.
if you have a chance to attend a renegade craft fair
you should go.
no, run.
you will not regret it.

i can not wait
for the opportunity to
be in this company again.

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