tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

** i just returned home from the best yoga class ever.

** i so needed that.

** ph and i are watching hockey and eating pizza.

** i can not shake this cold i have.

** i am headed to the doctor tomorrow.

** chace and i saw cooper this morning as we were on our way to school.

** we haven't seen him in a while.

** i had a great show over the weekend.

** thanks to all who came to support handmade.

** i am now gearing up for austin in 2.5 weeks.

** eeek!!!!

** athena and stella arrive on friday!

** i can not wait to hug her neck.

** she is going to shoot a few pictures.

** ok, more than a few.

** hopefully one will be our xmas photo.

** chace's new favorite place to play is the car.

** this is funny because my cousin and i used to play in the car.

** hope you are having a good evening.

** back to hockey and pizza.

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  1. Here's to wine and hugs and toddlers and laughs and sewing and yoga and Bailey and college football. Can. Not. Wait.