tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

** c and i are sick.

** i do not have time to be sick.

** there are 4 days until the mayday underground art and craft show.

** needless to say i am sewing like crazy.

** we had a great visit with my mom.

** i was sad to see her go.

** but we will be in santa fe  before i know it.

** can you believe it is november 1st?

** crazy!

** chace's favorite word is "hi"

** and his favorite phrase is "i sit down."

** he seems to add new new words to his vocabulary bank daily.

** it is really fun to watch.

** tonight is pizza night.

** i love pizza night because i do not have to cook.

** cooper's third birthday is approaching.

** that is so hard for me to wrap my head around.

** it is a beautiful fall day today.

** i am so glad that the october storm missed us.

** janome is FINALLY replacing my sewing machine.

** it should be in any day.

** i am so glad that i had a back up machine.

** off to take more cough drops.

** happy tuesday.

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