cooper's flock update

Thursday, September 29, 2011

today i dropped
the last batch of
cooper's birds at the hospital.

can you believe it?

it was hard.
to be in that space.
the memories came
rushing back.

it was hard to
randomly run into
cooper's surgeon.
(even though i had a premonition that i was going to see him today)
i have not seen him
since we met to go over the autopsy.

over 400 birds
have been given to
families on surgery day
for the past 2.5 years.

thank you to all who contributed to the flock.

cooper has been on my mind.
i miss him terribly today.
i have mixed emotions
about no longer having a box
of birds in my basement.

i knew this day would come
that the birds would not reproduce
in my basement.
but i kind of wish they did.

they have brought
comfort to families on a
very difficult day.

the families do not know
me or my story.
simply, that someone who has been
in their shoes is thinking about them.

jen and i were talking
today about what the
next move is for cooper's flock.
i am torn.

what do you think?

if you want
to create birds, i will love
you for it.
if you do not want to,
i will still love you.

you decide.


  1. Congratulations really isn't the right word, but good on you for spreading so much comfort and good to so many families.

  2. The trees and park were beautiful that day with the birds sent from all over the world. How wonderful to share that love and caring with strangers who are dealing with similar circumstances. We may never know how comforting a small act of kindness can be.


  3. If Cooper's Flock needs wings, dear friend, I will help it fly. Me and my needles are in if you need us. Or, perhaps this time I sew them. Xo

  4. Beautiful. I wish I could knit.

    I really can't even imagine what you have gone through and how you must be feeling now. But please know that your words remind me to bring things back into perspective and make me hug my girls tighter.

    The love you have for Cooper has helped many families in many different ways.

    xo, Darcy

  5. my hands are free and willing if and when you need them.

  6. I worked for a church for 9 years and helped establish a sewing class for kids. I don't know how many we could produce but it is something I would love to take to the new director as a project. Do you have a pattern? Is it simple hand sewing or on a machine? Dedee

  7. I know this may sound crazy, but I just found your blog yesterday and I read every single one of your blog posts last night!! I couldn't stop reading... And I read it all backwards. I was so moved by your story and I would love to help in any way I can so that even more people can be impacted by Cooper. I cannot knit (yet), but I can sew. The two links I found in your blog for the sewn birds didn't work out- if you have another, I would love to try it out, if you would like more birdies :) And I think I have a few friends and family members who would help, too.
    Thank you so much for your blog. For sharing so much pain and joy and all of the emotions in between. For sharing recipes, patterns, projects.
    Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with Cooper's Flock, or anything else :)

  8. Linzrae,

    thank you for the kind words. and thank you for reading ALL those posts at one time! thats alot!

    i would love it if you made some birds. if you email me, i will send you the patterns. i have one for knitting and one for sewing.