tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

** i am not quite sure how it is tuesday again.

** i feel like i just wrote this post.

** did you hear the news?

** lucends will be a vendor at renegade craft fair in austin nov 26 and 27.

** i am beyond excited.

**chace has settled into school.

** no more tears in the morning.

** he has learned to flush the toilet.

** an important skill for little boys to learn.

** i have started my sewing schedule.

** i am going to try very hard not to add new items to my list.

** but i am afraid this might be impossible.

** i had a mani/pedi yesterday at scott miller.

** i am wearing the color wicked.

** this afternoon, i am going to make homemade granola.

** thursday night, ph and i have to attend curriculum night at webster montessori.

** should be interesting.

** happy tuesday.

** back to the sewing machine.

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