magic backpack

Sunday, September 25, 2011

i mentioned on tuesday
that i was doing
some personal sewing
this week, before i get in production
mode for my upcoming shows.

one of the things
that has been on my list
is this darling backpack
for chace.

i thought it would be
perfect for school
and traveling over the holidays.

i found the fabric
at the quilt shop in santa fe.
it has hippos all over it.

i am very proud of this
little backpack.
it was labor intensive
and i think it came out great.

but what makes me
the happiest
is chace loves it.

he ran into school
on friday to show
all the teachers his backpack.
he pointed to each hippo.
he was so proud.

we had a class nature walk
and he would not leave home
with out his backpack.
i took the opportunity
to snap so photos.


  1. Great work! Love the backpack - isn't it the best when your child loves something you made for them?

  2. Love, love love it! You are so talented :) He looks adorable with it on his back!