where were you?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

where were you when the world stopped turning?

i was teaching a class
of freshman students
at Rochester Institute of Technology.

they were in
their 2nd week of classes
experiencing a new life,
a new world, and gaining
new independence.

the world was about
to change in an unthinkable,
unfathomable and unexpected way.

how all of our
lives changed that
september day.

where were you when the world stopped turning?

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  1. I had just dropped dh off to work and was driving to my office when the radio DJs started talking about it - at that point, it was just after the first plane hit and no one really knew what was happening yet. I remember quite clearly that it was an absolutely beautiful morning. I also remember avoiding the news all day at work, while some of my co-workers spent the day watching every second of the coverage. I just couldn't bear to watch the planes crash over and over.