dear chace

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my dear sweet chace,

as you move one month closer to your two year birthday, you are beginning to assert your will more and more every day. just yesterday you did not like the snack i selected for you, after a bit of back and forth i realized that wanted pitas and hummus for a snack. once i figured it out, you gave me the biggest smile. you know what you want.

you started montessori this week. a milestone no doubt. you seem to like it, you don't like it when i leave, but i think you settle in quickly. it is alot for you to take in. i know your mind is moving at a warp speed and absorbing everything like a sponge. when i pick you up from school you talk very very fast, trying your best to tell me every little detail about your day.

you have two new words this week: "car" and "garbage" and have learned to flush the toilet. you take great pleasure in this simple act. you continue to love your books and have a new fascination with dinosaurs.  you have started to eat meat. hooray!

you had a grand time in santa fe with your yaya and pappous. you did have your token ear infection, which seems to happens every time we fly to higher elevation. you loved feeding the koi in the pond, picking the flowers and unlimited supply of ceiling fans.

i love this picture of you. you have such a look of determination and curiosity on your face. this was at the children's museum in santa fe. it was such a hands on place and you loved every minute of it.

you are such a sweet child with an unlimited supply of love. your laugh is the best sound i have ever heard and fills my heart with such joy.

happy 19th month my best sweet boy!

love you

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