tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

** c does not want to nap today.

** he is in his crib rolling around and talking.

** sorry, c you are not coming out of your room until 3.

** i sound like my mom.

**it is so weird having him at school in the morning.

** i got so much work done today.

** it is a scott miller day, today.

** my hair is out of control.

** i have decided to grow it back out.

** i think i might be wearing alot of hats this winter.

**i am knitting myself a sweater.

** it might take all winter.

**it was so good to get back to yoga.

** but boy am i sore.

** update, c finally asleep.

** ok time for mamma to work.

** happy tuesday.

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