my how we have grown

Friday, April 1, 2011

last night, i was rereading some posts from last year.
oh my how things have changed.
i was laughing so hard i was crying.
if you need a good laugh,
read this post.
and the one before
and the one after.

after i wiped the tears from my eyes
and stopped laughing.
i asked ph if i had lost my
blogging mojo.
i am not funny anymore.
i don't have funny stories.

i began obsessing and over thinking
because, well that is what i do.
i obsess.
so obsess is what i did for
most of the night and most of the day.

then i had a thought.
its not that i am not funny.
or funny things dont happen.
its just that we have settled into life.
life as a parent.
life as a family.
and that is a very good thing.

i am still neurotic,
driven, obsessive.
the things i worried about last year
are not concerns this year.
this is how life progresses.

these days
i follow chace around the house
making sure he remembers
to go down the stairs feet first.
telling him that we do not
play in the toilet bowl.
reminding him that he could drown
in the dog's water bowl.

we spend the mornings
taking socks out of bins
and putting them back.
we smell the people.
we play with puzzles,
read books and practice our colors.

most afternoons
we climb the stairs,
play with the tupperware,
and have at least one meltdown.
the falling on the floor, kicking our feet
and biting the carpet kind of meltdown.

i laugh hysterically.
chace decides its not worth
getting carpet burn over
and joins in the laughter.

this is how we spend our days.
i am sure once chace starts talking.
i will become funny again.
have funny stories to share.

but for now.
i will take comfort in our growth.

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