leaving on a jetplane.....

Friday, April 22, 2011

so chace and i are off to jamaica for the week.
we are looking forward to sun and warmth.
new friends and old.
fruit, fruit and more fruit.

did i mention the warmth?

i will be participating in a 7 day
technology detox.
no email, no texting.
no pintrest, no flickr.
no blogging, no blog reading.
but i will have my kindle.

that's ok right?

this will be good for me.
i need to reflect, relax,
rejuvenate and refocus
my creative energies.

and i think this place
is just the location for
my self imposed detox.

i decided to post some
of my favorite posts
from the last two years of blogging.

if you haven't read them,
i hope you enjoy them.
if you have read them,
well, i hope you reread them.

see you in a week.

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