dear jenna

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dear jenna lyons (president and creative director of j.crew)

i think you are brilliant.
i have thought that ever since you
joined j crew.

you inserted new life
into the brand.
my closet thanks you
and my son's closet thanks you.

when i received the new catalog
in the mail
and saw you with your darling son.
and his fabulous pink toes.

i did not gasp.
i did not think it was inappropriate.
i did not flinch.
and i did not think you were "gender bending".

i thought "great color."
i thought "great style."
i thought "what a great mom/son moment."
and i thought "look how happy he is."

after hearing the uproar
on the news this morning.
i say bravo!
bravo! bravo!

bravo for not conforming
to strict gender roles.
bravo for having a moment
with your son.

i am sure that you did not expect
the reaction that has occurred.
i don't think you were meaning to
make a political statement.
(but if you were, well played).

lets be honest,
the conversation that should be taking place
is not about the color of your son's toenails.
but rather the fact this country
is still very homophobic.

this makes me very sad for
my child
my country
and the generations to come.

thank you for pointing this out.
please keep being your
fabulous, creative self.