to the zoo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

this morning we went to the zoo.
we have a small zoo.
but it is nice and a great place to spend the morning.
i am sure we will spend some quality time there this summer.

the animals were just waking up
and some of them were still in their houses.
it was a cool morning and they were slow moving.
so there was not a ton of animal action.

the animals always seem so sad.
there is this secret part of me that
wants to return them to the wild.
i wonder what they think and feel.

chace reacted just like i thought he would.
he took it all in.
stoic, thoughtful, contemplative.
i wonder if the animals seemed sad to him too?

he seemed to like the sea lions best.
no surprise there.
since his mama wanted to be a marine biologist.
but he got more excited about the trees and the birds
that were not a part of any exhibit.

i definitely know where that came from!

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  1. Chace is going to love all the trees and birds at Good Hope in Jamaica...there are more than you can count...I can't wait...xoxo Ya-Ya