Monday, April 25, 2011



in november when the country came together and elected the 44th president of the united states, i remember feeling hopeful about cooper's future. that he would know an america where anyone could live the american dream, an america where race, creed, sexual orientation and economic diversity did not divide us, but brought us together. i was so proud to be an american that day and was so hopeful for our country's future.

i have been thinking alot about hope today and what it means. hope in its literal sense is a "desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fullment."

but in a more human sense hope is santa claus visiting on christmas eve. hope is routing for your football team. hope is finding the love of your life. hope is nuturing a baby for nine months and seeing him for the first time. hope is putting your sons life in the hands of highly trained doctors. hope is that all men are created equal. hope is standing together as a unified country, regardless of party lines. hope is a country where both a woman and an africian american ran for president. hope is two children whom you have never met seeing the world for the first time. hope is not crying myself to sleep for the first time in 5 weeks. hope is the bird on the bench outside of the church. hope is the look in my husbands eyes at the sound of my laughter yesterday. hope is the prospect of another child. hope is what you want and need it to be.

but most importantly, hope is what comes out of darkness and struggle, out of disappointment and failure, out pain and suffering, out of sacrifice and selflessness, and out of heartbreak and grief. hope is what you grasp to get you through the day, because without hope the challenges of life would be insurmountable.

i am wishing you hope on this historic day!

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