dear chace

Thursday, April 14, 2011

my dear sweet chace,

as evident by this picture, taken this afternoon, you are every bit of 14 months. you had such fun toddling around the yard. you were so proud carrying this flower, but you did not  like how it smelled.

in the last month, you have changed so much. you are no longer a baby, you turned into a little boy this past month. you are constant motion, opening and closing doors, going up and down the stairs, and taking things out of drawers and putting them back in. the only time you are not moving is when you are sleeping, and this is a stretch because you turn circles in your sleep.

you are the happiest child that i know. seriously. you are happy all the time. the only time you are disgruntled is when you want a change of scenery. like yesterday when we were in the tv room playing, and you wanted to roam the house. all of a sudden you started squawking at me in this loud, stern, direct voice. i do not know what you were saying, but the message was very clear, " i want to roam the house, mama, now!"

i love watching you interact with others in public. you are always meeting new people, sharing your "finds" and smiling at those you encounter. you are such an extrovert and are only shy when you are playing shy.

your vocabulary has increased. your favorite word besides "mama" is "yaya". you also say yellow and red. you know where the moon is, where your head is and what a sheep says. your dad and i have decided that you are a perfect candidate for montessori school and we have an appointment to tour the school in a few weeks. i think it will be so good for you and that you will love it.

next week, you and i are going on our first solo trip to jamaica. we will be joining yaya. i am so looking forward to the warm weather. i know you will love being able to swim, play outside and not having  to wear a coat. i am a little nervous about maneuvering through the airport with all your gear, but i am sure we will be just fine. we have been practicing getting in and out of the ergo carrier without any help. i think this will be a great bonding adventure for us.

i love watching you discover the world around you. every day is a new adventure and i am so glad that i am here to share it with you.

loving you always


  1. back pack with rope attached = solution! ha ha ha

  2. oh my gosh luc! i love that picture of him.

  3. Dear Chace,

    I miss you. And your mama. I would like it, please, if the next time you ask your mama for freedom to roam, that you direct her to let you roam to Austin. I'm certain you'd love it here. There's so much to see and do. We can ride the train at Zilker park and then have lunch at the Trailer Park and Eatery on South First. After that, we can walk down the street to a great little fabric spot called the Stitch Lab. We'll tour the Capitol, and walk down 6th street.

    Stella would also like you to know that she misses you, too. Elena has all kinds of friends here, but Stella...well,..she just has Elena.

    I hope you have fun in Jamaica. And be good for your mama. Airports are tiring with babies in tow!

    Love you to the moon...

    ...and back.

    Auntie Athena