future sunshine rider

Monday, December 27, 2010

growing up, i broke most the rules that my parents set for me; but, there was one, that i actually followed. during my dad's time as an internist he treated many victims of motorcycle accidents. so it was no surprise that a "no motorcycle riding" rule was imposed in our house.  this was a rule i actually followed.

ph grew up in an entirely different household. his dad and uncles all had motorcycles. harley davidsons to be exact. it is his desire to own one of his own. i have a different idea and told him not until he is at least 55  years of age. it is a topic where we agree to disagree. i am not too worried, because it is not in our budget in the immediate future.

last night at the dinner table the conversation turned to the topic of motorcycles. my brother's girlfriend, who we call sunshine, my brother and ph decided that they were going to start a motorcycle gang. its name "the sunshine rider's".

currently, chace is the only one who "has" a motorcycle, thanks to santa.

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  1. Tell the gang that I want in, and DRL will join you and your dad at the "not in my lifetime" table.

    My dad has a fully restored 19something Indian Chief and as I was flying back to MN for the holiday I saw a kid's "power wheels" version in SkyMall. I've decided my girls have got to have it.

    Which will likely be the only motorcycling in our house as well....but still.

    Too cute.
    I miss you.
    Bean, too.

    Can't wait to see you soooooon!