meet kit

Saturday, December 4, 2010

do you name your cars?
i do.

there was betsy, white lightening, and old blue.
then i stopped naming my cars.
for no particular reason.
i wasn't inspired.
names did not pop into my head
while driving.

several weeks ago
i named my car.
a 2006 silver vw passat
that i have driven for
the past three years.

why did i suddenly feel compelled to name my car?

it was when my mom was here visiting.
we had been running a few errands.
it was cold and rainy.
we had one last stop to make.
we decided that i would run in
and mom would stay with c.

seemed like a good plan.
until my car developed
a mind of its own.

i got out of the car
and shut my door.
mom got out of the car
to sit in the back seat with c.
she shut her door.

and then she heard it.
the car locked.
i mean locked down.
every door, window and trunk.
with the keys in the ignition
and c in back seat.

what do you mean it locked i asked her?

sure enough
the passat turned into kit from knight rider
with my child in the back seat.

i called ph to come quickly.
mom called triple a.
i went inside took care of my business.
mom tried to keep c from crying.
while standing in the rain.

for the most part he had no idea
he was locked in the car by himself.
it was more traumatic on mom and i.
we both cried
wondered if it was too early for a drink.

kit has refused to repeat the incident
despite my request.
vw said they couldn't fix it unless
it locked down again.

but my car now has a name,
does yours?


  1. My first car I ever owned, when I was 16, was a beat up old 1984 Nissan Sentra. It was two door and was what once must have been a gleaming cherry red. It had a push button radio, no door handle on the passenger's side and it overheated in the winter. In Minnesota. Some friends of mine nicknamed it the "faded tomato" because after years of sitting in the sun, the gleaming cherry red sort-of, ripened. I haven't named a car since then, mostly because I'm just not creative enough...

    but i think it's great you name your cars.

    Adds some character...


  2. Someone decided to name a Man's Truck - Marshmallow? I prefer a more manly name like "Tex"

  3. I locked my daughter in the car when she was younger 15-18 mo or so. I freaked out- I was by myself and my phone and AAA card were in the car. Fortunately, a nice lady came out of the yarn/coffee shop that I had just left and she called AAA and told them that there was a baby in the car and they came really quickly. But I think that I was more traumatized than her too! Lucky for me it wasn't a too hot or too cold day in MN and I was parked in the shade and there was no rain!

    That was when I learned not to let my kids play with my keys- because when they press the lock button on the remote, it does lock once you close all the doors. Oops. :)