handmade holiday

Monday, December 13, 2010

this year we drew names in our family.
it makes sense as our family is growing.
we also set a monetary limit.
this is also makes sense.

what does not make sense
is that i am frantically sewing and knitting
trying to get gifts finished before we leave
on sunday morning.

these are not handmade gifts
for the holidays.
they are other sorts of
handmade gifts.

the you bought a new house gift
the thank you for dog sitting gift
the just because you want one gift
the getting ready for my new nephew gift.

so how is your holiday shopping/making going?


  1. Oh, noooooooo! Please don't make yourself crazy over any gift(s) for us! We'll just be happy to see you!


  2. i decided to limit my handmade gifts this year and just buy handmade instead. and we drew names too, which helped!