tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

** we are in santa fe for the holidays.

** we are not returning home until 1-1-11.

** it is warm here.

** in the 50's but this is warm for us.

** ph and i went shopping at whole foods this am for my mom.

** i really, really love whole foods.

** since i don not have my sewing machine, i brought a lot of knitting projects.

** and a few books.

** mom and i have been baking cookies.

** and i am cooking every night while everyone is home.

** my gift to my mom.

** i love christmas time.

** hoping to see some movies while we are here.

** we did not stay up last night to see the lunar eclipse.

** did you?


  1. We saw the eclipse last night, quickly. Then noted how it was not fun to stand outside in 0 degree weather watching the moon.

    We'd love to cook a dinner this week for the family, if you want a break. . . .That is, if we ever get on this plane and make it home.

    sam and liz

  2. negative, ghost rider.
    i was in catching what little sleep i could
    in between night wakings
    and teething
    and morning.

    Rumor has it, it was cloudy in Minnesota, anyway.

    And I'm with Sam. Standing outside in the winter is NOT fun.
    Especially during the rare hours where one could actually BE sleeping.

    Have so much fun in Santa Fe.

    Miss you.