dear chace

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dear chace,

we are now two months away from your first birthday. i better start thinking about your birthday party!

in the last month you have developed into your own little person, with thoughts and opinions. there is a very clear divide when it comes to who you look like.  this of course depends on who you ask. your father's family and friends think you look like him and my family and friends think you look like me. i happen to think that you are a pretty good blend of both us. but in this picture, you are most definitely your mother's child.

these days you are crawling at a warp speed and cruising around the family room. you are still working on standing without holding on to something or someone. balance is the obstacle here.  you love to go under our legs and through your tunnel we bought you. your dad and i watched you take laps around the the family room the other day with an infinite amount of energy. we were tired just watching you.

you are funny. and you are smart. this is a combination that has the potential to be challenging for your parents down the road. but it is very hard not to laugh at you.

you now have 4 teeth. you are continuing to test the waters in the food arena and can be very dramatic when trying new foods ( i am still trying to figure out where you picked up that trait).

we head to santa fe on sunday for the christmas holidays. your yaya and pappous are very excited to see you. your dad and i are excited about your first christmas, watching you take it all in and experiencing it through your eyes. this will be the best christmas we have had in some time.

until next month.

i love you more that you know.

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  1. This is such a lovely letter. Thank you for opening a window into your life and loves and thoughts. (On a more prosaic, practical note - where did you get Chace's snowsuit/mittens/boots? I've got a non-walker and with tons of snow, I'm trying to figure out how to dress her so she too can get out and sled!)