he sings, again

Sunday, September 19, 2010

b used to sing alot. 
he had favorite songs.
sang to a couple of commercials on tv.
he enjoyed singing. 
he even taught s to sing,
to be his back up singer.

and then he stopped singing.
it was shortly after bean was born.
this made us sad.

and then this weekend.
we played his favorite song,
just to see if he would sing.
and he did.

this makes us so happy.
and hopefully it will make you happy too.


  1. Well, Allison beat me to it! Love the dog and love the "singing"...:) Oh, yeah...and y'all, too!

  2. Our Aussie would sing for my husband. He was sweet and gentle and completely wired into his people, especially Dad. He was pure joy in a furry black wrapper.

    Thanks for sharing!